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NUTS MAGAZINE retires after 10 years of existence (2004-2014).

For their latest photo shoot, “Nuts” have convened some of their most influential and powerful glamour models. Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, India Reynolds, Lucy Collett, Holly Peers, Stacey Poole, Emma Glover and Joey Fisher.

I find it very strange that for this last photo shoot, the girls who have marked the history of “Nuts Magazine” as Sabine Jemeljanova, Sophie Reade, Danica Thrall, Lacey Banghard, Danielle Sharp or Nicole Neal were not present. But this is just my individual opinion. Dear followers, enjoy this last photoshooting ever of NUTS ! ;-)

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minim house | foundry architects

pull out floor bed with full mattress (no loft to crawl up, cooler in the summer, simple bed-making).

no walls to diminish sense of space. (210 ft2) for full 1-2 person living and entertaining: a 10′ kitchen, a 5′ closet, 8′ sofa/guest bed, dedicated office area, 4′ dining table, comfortable seating for 7, and a 7′ projection screen.

streamlined framing and insulation with standardized SIPs panels (shipped nationwide). Just 3 windows and 1 door to install; no window/door trim work on exterior or interior.

innovative table system that may be raised/lowered/swiveled in 4 floor sockets to function as kitchen island/bar, second desk, coffee table, dining table, and bedside table.

detachable design (house may be undocked from trailer with 15 bolts).

off-grid design for areas without water/sewer/electric hookups.

integrated rain catchment/storage with no visible gutters.

minim micro homes | plans | hat tip tiny house living | more boneyard


Waterfront House On A Mountain

The “Till House” is a single storey house imagined by Chilean architects from WMR Arquitectos on the Los Arcos’ cliffs. This wooden residence is suspended on the cliff, away from prying eyes, and offers an amazing view on the sea thanks to the terrace and the bay windows installed in every room.

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